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Buy Bitcoin

Take part in the revolution! Bitcoin is electronic cash. Make purchases on-line, send to a friend or simply invest in whats been labelled as "digital gold"!

Sell Bitcoin

Need Cash? Sell your bitcoin for cash. No hassles, no forms to fill out. Just send your coins and get your cash!

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You can make your online purchases through our terminal!

How it works?

Purchasing Bitcoin in 3 simple steps:

1. Scan QR code

2. Insert cash

3. Receive bitcoins

Sell Bitcoin in 3 simple steps:

1. Select amount

2. Send bitcoin

3. Receive cash

About Iberobit

We are operators of Bitcoin vending machines. We like to call them AETs (Automatic Exchange Terminals) since it describes better what they do than the term “ATM”. We operate two way (buy and sell) as well as one way (buy only) machines. We charge the following commissions over the realtime price of our exchange: Buy bitcoins - 6% Sell Bitcoins - 4%. You can see our buy and sell prices in realtime including our commissions here:

We are obliged by law to collect customer identity information for some transactions.

We have three service levels:

1) No registration is required to purchase up to €400. This is limited to a total of €800 per hour and €1000 per day across all customers


2)To purchase up to €2000 per day, you must register by SMS.

3) For purchases of more €2000 per day, you must scan your ID and be manually verified. You will receive a reply within 12 hours.

you're personal data is stored on a secure server and is used exclusively for the purpose of complying with federal anti-money laundering regulations.

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